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Healthvault PHR to be available in Germany

Microsoft has licensed its HealthVault personal health record platform to Siemens in Germany. Siemens, through its IT services and solutions division, will be the exclusive provider of HealthVault in Germany. Germany will be the third country to adopt the PHR technology. A number of US healthcare organisations have been working with the platform, including New York’s Presbyterian Hospital, which has linked it to Microsoft’s Amalga unified intelligence system. The Seattle based software giant has also worked with Toronto-based telecoms firm Telus to take the platform to Canada as Telus Health Space and is now seem to be targeting Europe market.

“In Siemens IT Solutions and Services, we have found a reliable and competent partner with whom we can jointly bring innovative solutions to the German healthcare system. With HealthVault, we provide citizens with a platform that allows them to better manage their health and the health of their families, and facilitates their communication with providers,” noted Angelika Gifford, senior director, Public Sector and member of Management at Microsoft Germany.

While it is still a new technology, Microsoft faces stiff competition. There are several other personal health record products including Google Health which is one of the popular tools widely used among the early adopters.

In a statement, Microsoft and Siemens said their vision was to “enable Germany citizens to connect to various systems run by physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and even fitness facilities for a comprehensive view of their personal health information.”
“With the deployment of the HealthVault technology, Siemens contributes to the supply of affordable and personalise healthcare,” said Frank Hauber, of Siemens IT Solutions and Services Germany.

“At the same time, Siemens IT Solutions and Services completes its e-health portfolio and expands the existing good relationship with Microsoft in the healthcare market.”

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