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Minerva Health Manager Review

Minerva Health Manager is a software based Personal Health Record system. It is designed to organize important health information in one software solution. The convenience of managing a Personal Health Record is upgraded as this software is portable which allows users to access current medical records anywhere in the world.

Minerva actively involves its users in their healthcare experience as one has to engage in gathering all the paper health records from doctors and labs, and manually enter all the information into the software. It permits them to privately manage individual health history which extensively includes information on health conditions, medications, allergies, immunizations, insurance, store test results, diagnoses and treatments. The users are always equipped with important personal health information at all times with the help of Minerva Health Manager.

With Minerva Health Manager, Personal Health Record can be –

  • Printed as a report
  • Carried on Minerva Flash Drive
  • Stored with the Minerva PHR Viewer on iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Extensive software features are as follows –

  • Personal and Family Health Record Management all in one place.
  • Medical Alerts
  • Import / Export Wizard to retrieve or load health information
  • Healthcare folders to distinguish various conditions, parts and organs
  • Attach medical records like scans, reports and prescriptions
  • Personal health journal and graphs
  • Health Education
  • Password Protected Software

This software can be downloaded online for personal or family use.

Minerva health manager –

  1. Personal (without / with flash drive) :   $45.95 /$49.95
  2. Family (without / with 2 flash drives) : $64.95 / $74.95

Please note that a backup cd needs to be purchased separately at $9.95.

Mobile apps like Minerva PHR viewer for iOS and android are available for free in their respective application stores.

This software is highly efficient and useful to users who want to actively engage in managing their healthcare information and do not mind investing some time and effort in doing so.

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    Margot Malin on 02/20/13.  Rate this review: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 0  

    We found the Minerva Health Manager to be an ideal product for our target customer, primarily individuals undergoing cancer treatment. The product is easy to use and is well designed. It is accessible, portable and reports can be printed. The Minerva personal health record software helps to organize and document all treatment records as well as allergies, xrays and medical reports, insurance information and more. Dealing with a complicated diagnosis such as cancer can make record keeping a challenge. The Minerva simplifies this task. The Minerva Health Manager actually saved my friend’s life. When I heard that, I knew it was the right product for our customer base. We are thrilled to be a Minerva partner so that our customers can gain knowledge about this important product.

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    Baggie on 03/06/13.  Rate this review: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 0  

    PHR products are making their way into people’s lives and making it easier than ever before to manage not only their health, but of the whole family. Thank you so much for reading the post and taking time to comment. I am sure this will help many others.

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