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Practice Fusion to Launch Personal Health Record Service

Practice Fusion Inc. the free, Web-based electronic health record service (EHR) for physicians, announced the launch of Patient Fusion, its free personal health record (PHR) today at Dreamforce 2009, salesforce.com‘s user and developer conference, held November 17-20 in San Francisco. Built on the Force.com platform, Patient Fusion currently gives over one million patients in the U.S. the ability to connect online with their doctors and their medical records.

Through Patient Fusion, doctors grant patients instant access to their medical records, medications and immunization history. Updates to the patient’s records are available in real-time in the cloud. Patients will also be able to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, email their physicians, and, most importantly, share their data with other providers at any time. More details can be found on PHR section of Practice Fusion website

Practice Fusion is a well-known SaaS vendor of electronic health record (EHR) software to doctors and hospitals, working inside the Salesforce.com cloud.

Their base product is ad-supported, so while larger vendors are hustling hospitals for multi-million dollar contracts, Practice Fusion is able to get small practices online for zero dollars. Priceless

Upon patient request and physician approval, Practice Fusion will populate a PHR with relevant data from a patient’s EHR, and automatically update the data. Patients also can enter additional information into the PHR, schedule appointments, request prescription refills and e-mail their physician.

In the traditional medical office, a patient’s medical history resides in a paper chart stuffed into a cabinet. Getting copies of a paper chart quickly is nearly impossible. Even medical offices that do have EHR systems rarely have a way to share that information with patients. With Patient Fusion, patients have ownership of their medical information and can research, track or share their data on their terms.

Patient Fusion is available free to all practices using Practice Fusion’s EHR. Medical practices and physicians can register for Practice Fusion online at www.practicefusion.com in less than five minutes and for no cost. More information about the PHR can be found at www.patientfusion.com.

Salesforce.com owns a minority interest in Practice Fusion.

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    Steven Park, M.D. on 01/28/10.  Rate this review: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 0  

    With Practice Fusion, is there a way for new patients to enter their medical history online before coming in and so it’s automatically placed in the patient’s records?

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    ALICE GILLAM on 12/08/11.  Rate this review: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 0  


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    Velma Ross on 05/07/12.  Rate this review: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 0  

    The doctor’s instructions were that I would receive an E-mail
    from Patient Fusion. I never received this.

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