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Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health are currently the 2 most popular personal health record choices. PHR software market is getting crowded and new players are showing up every day. Microsoft’s Health Vault PHR was developed few years ago and it has improved tool by great deal since then.

Third party programs can read the data from HealthValue, but it is not clear if it can pull the data from healthcare providers. Aetna was listed in the program directory but was not available when I logged in.

Microsoft PHR works as a platform and it has numerous third party apps built on top of it.  For example, you can use personal health devices such as pedometer to monitor your health and fitness and through your HealthVault account.

Microsoft has also released another personal health services product called My Health Info which is an interactive and customizable dashboard that allows people to view all their health information: Blood pressure, blood glucose, BMI, immunizations, allergies, lab results, medications, steps walked, health articles and more, in a single, organized, and convenient location. It used the HealthVault as a platform so information updated in one product is automatically updated in the other. This service offers tools and widgets to upload, organize and monitor health information stored in their personal HealthVault accounts. The service also allows people to research medical concerns, read the latest health news, gain guidance from medical experts, learn about nutrition, and monitor conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

The PHR tool has built-in access to Bing search engine.

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