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myMediConnect makes your Personal Health Record easy to create and maintain with many free online services. It is an online personal health service company that helps you create, store and instantly access your personal healthcare records through a convenient and secure online portal. The unique MediConnect medical record retrieval service does the work of retrieving a customer’s healthcare records by contacting doctors, organizing and digitizing client’s healthcare records and later upload them into their own secure myMediConnect account which is safe, simple and HIPAA-compliant.

Following features make myMediConnect an award-winning online service  which distinguishes itself from others –

  • Create personalized medical reminder messages
  • Secure communication with doctors
  • Track health and fitness goals with trusted answers to all medical questions

Here is a comprehensive list of all the services provided by myMediConnect –

Maintain A Personal Health Record
myMediconnect grants numerous ways to upload medical information online. It creates a PHR by using exclusive MediConnect record retrieval system. This contains an all-embracing medical history of –

  • Medicare Claims
  • Medical Conditions and Allergies
  • Procedures and Surgeries
  • Medications and Vaccinations
  • Doctors
  • Insurance Data
  • Personal Information
  • Family/Social History

It also syncs seamlessly with Microsoft HealthVault which is a free application that allows users to store, organize, and share medical information online. All records stored in a Microsoft HealthVault account can easily be imported into or exported out of myMediConnect PHR.

Record Retrieval
Medical records can be retrieved for $29.95 per request. MediConnect retrieval specialist will contact healthcare provider to collect, organize, digitize and upload  client’s medical records directly into a secure myMediConnect account. Always check for provider copying fee before proceeding as it is usually not included in the retrieval fee.

Safety Deposit Box
myMediConnect’s Safety Deposit Box is an unlimited access to a secure and centralized repository for digital copies of all important health documents.

MyRemindeRx to Record and Send Personalized Reminders
MyRemindeRx is a very unique tool that allows its users to send friendly automated telephone messages as reminders to various health regimens like doctor appointment, medication dosage and time, monitor blood pressure and blood glucose and more.

Doctor Connector
Doctor Connector allows the user to control exactly what information is shared with the doctors from the personal health record (PHR).

Wellness Tracker
Wellness Tracker is an online personal fitness tool which helps to monitor meals and nutrition, fitness data, vital medical statistics and then make custom reports that help its user to stay on track toward accomplishing wellness goals.

Health Savings
Personal Health Record by myMediConnect gives the users an added bonus of free access to several health savings tools like myMediConnect Rx card to receive up to 75% off on all FDA-approved drugs at 57,000 pharmacies nationwide, quit smoking calculator and weight loss / weight gain calculator.

Health Education Center
Medical experts from Harvard Medical School provide professional web-based healthcare information and other trusted sources answer to questions that are personalized for each individual.

Keeping up with the latest trends in the medical field and to provide uninterrupted service, myMediConnect mobile runs on a host of mobile devices to help its clients access PHR on the go. myMediconnect is by far the most extensive PHR service in the field.

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