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WebMD is a renown medical health information provider and staffs medical professionals and journalists to provide valuable health information, and tools for managing health. WebMD also provides PHR tools at free of cost. It’s Personal health record software is one of the best systems in this evolving field and you can trust WebMD to continue to offer best services in the coming days.

Strength of WebMD PHR is that it offers many proactive health monitoring tools that would help you track your health risks, as well as improve your lifestyle. Features such as health risk assessments, goal-setting and tracking tools for monitoring progress and results are unique. These features are are not available with many other major PHR providers.

WebMD Personal Health Manager Features

HealthQuotient™ – an advanced health assessment that scores your health status and provides recommendations for improvement and beneficial behavior changes.

Health Record – an online personalized health record that gives you and your family members the ability to store and maintain health information in a centralized, secure location.

Health Trackers undefined – graphical tools that track important health measurements over time.

Child Health Manager – parents can keep track and monitor the health of their children from birth to age six.

You can register your free Personal Health Manager account at their website. Many employers are also offering this service through the company and you might be able to login through your company intranet with some added benefits such as discount in health insurance premium (Verizon offers $100 discount if you have registered and taken HealthQuotient survey)

The best feature of all is health monitoring and lifestyle improvement possibilities. While many other PHR providers have built their tools as health record keeping systems, WebMD has gone one step ahead and made it more useful.

There are not many flaws with the tool at the moment as far as the basic features are considered. However, unlike Microsoft or Google offers, this tool does not give access to third party applications. If you find a cool product or service that helps you manage your health, then you won’t be able to “plug-in” the tool with WebMD health data. You might miss this feature in the future when find some great medical service that you want to integrate with your PHRs.

Overall, WebMD offers one of the best in class PHR services. Apart from basic health record keeping, it does a great job of helping you monitor your health risks, and can you help you force a healthy lifestyle. On the negative side, it is not integrated with as many third party health applications as with Google or Microsoft and does not support third party applications.

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