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What is a PHR?

PHR (Personal Health Records) is a consolidated medical record of an individual, stored in electronic format. PHR is owned by the individual and contains personal health information and lifelong medical history. There are many PHR software tools available that help you track and share medical information and allow you to use personalized health services. Unlike your EHR (Electronic Health Record) software system, which is owned by the health care provider, PHR will be in your procession.

What does PHR contain?

Personal health records are comprised of personal and medical information. The details captured in the PHR system vary depending on the design of the electronic health record system. Here is a list of commonly used PHR documents.

  • Personal Information
    • Name, address, and birth date
    • Family physician, dentist, and emergency contact details
    • Living will, and organ donor information
    • Authorization and permission forms to release your information to healthcare providers and family members
  • Insurance Information
    • Primary and secondary insurance details
    • Insurance contact info
  • Medication Records
    • Prescription drugs current and from the past
    • Immunizations and the dates
    • Physical exam history
    • Details if allergic to any medication
  • Illness Records
    • Significant illness and any disease from the past
    • Minor and major surgeries
    • Family history of disease
    • Allergies
  • X-ray and lab reports
    • Ultrasounds scans, x-rays, & mammograms
    • Urinalysis results, cholesterol levels etc.
  • Consultation and special treatment reports
    • Physician consultation notes
    • Specialist opinion
    • Progress notes if you are going through medical treatment
  • Dental and Vision records
    • Dental records and bi-annual check-up reminders
    • Eyeglass prescriptions and examination history

Please note that these are the most commonly used medical information in your personal health record system. Some PHR software systems provide advanced features such as your health index, body mass ratio, health risk estimators etc. Many of the PHR systems take your health information to the next level and provide proactive monitoring and alert features.

You will also be able to store your own information such as natural medicine that you are taking, over the counter drugs etc. If you choose a good PHR system, you will be able to customize the system to record what is important to you regarding your health.

Major PHR software providers now provide health educational material either within the system or through customized search engines. Make sure your PHR has this kind of intelligence built in, as this will save time and improve your health by increasing your knowledge about your own health.

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