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Why do I need a PHR?

There are several advantages to keep your personal health records in the electronic format. You will be able to take control of your health matters, save money and time, and avoid medical errors. Although uploading your medical health records into a PHR software system and keeping it up-to-date will take time, it is well worth your effort. First, understand the benefits of personal health record system and then decide if you want to keep your medical records in the system. The next step is to choose a PHR that fits your needs. Finally, take your time to add your health records to the system one at a time. PHRR

Benefits of using a PHR system

Take control of your health

  • Gain knowledge about your health by understanding and actively tracking your health conditions
  • Achieve health-related goals such as lowering cholesterol, losing weight, etc. using mash-up tools that work with your PHR software
  • Refer to prescriptions, allergies, lab tests etc. at your convenience

Better organized health records

  • Schedule and track routine or ad-hoc check-ups
  • Provide readily available details to new caregivers and to the emergency care
  • Keep health records in your control even when you change doctors
  • Access medical records from everywhere

Save time

  • Schedule appointments online at your convenience
  • Communicate with doctors and insurance companies by email through PHR email feature (if available)
  • Get electronic prescription drugs and quickly refill your prescriptions
  • Transfer records easily when you switch doctors
  • No need to make phone calls to caregivers or insurance companies when you want to refer to your prescriptions, allergies, or insurance claims

Save money

  • Avoid duplicate medical procedures and costly medical errors by keeping accurate health records
  • Avoid making trips to doctor’s office as you can use PHR system to schedule appointments, communicate with doctors and get prescriptions
  • Set up preventive care alerts to stay healthy and reduce healthcare expenses.

Improve your health

  • Track your health indicators such as body mass index, cholesterol levels etc.
  • Make use of advanced PHR features such as drug interaction analysis, diabetes monitoring, and nutrition advisor.
  • Make lifestyle improvements using customized health reports
  • Access medical education material within PHR to understand your health and take action before it is too later

Storage, Safety and Availability

  • Tragic events and natural disasters can make your paper based medical records disappear. If you use a decent PHR system, it will back up your data more often and gives you the peace of mind.
  • It is difficult to safeguard physical records, but your PHR data will be protected from theft, and unauthorized use.
  • Unlike paper based records, your electronic medical records will be accessible and available all the time. You can also access the data from various devices including your handheld devices.

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