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Zweena offers leading online Personal Health Record (PHR) service for consumers to manage and protect their family’s health. It is set up to help clients know and utilize their own healthcare information in the best possible way. An excellent leadership team at Zweena visions to serve its clients with compassion, unbiased clinical experience and provide technology rich solutions designed for easy comprehension and impact. It is known to make a client’s health care journey beautiful.

Zweena works in 3 simple steps –

Collects Your Medical Records
This means you do not have to spend time collecting and uploading your paper health records as trained staff at Zweena contact your doctors to accumulate all your health records and store it in one single, easy to access location.

Assembles health records and connects with Microsoft Healthvault
Microsoft HealthVault is a secure, online storage place for Zweena Health Community’s medical information which means the clinical information entered by Zweena staff is stored in HealthVault. HealthVault provides high level security and this account can be accessed from Zweena Health Record.

Controlled access
Apart from helping you make proactive health decisions, Zweena values your privacy and restricts access to only individuals you authorize. You are always in control of your family’s health.

Zweena and the Zweena Health Record can be an essential part of an individual’s health management as it offers numerous applications such as personalized health dashboards that transform personal health information to life. Friendly and efficient client service, 24/7 access to secure and easy to use interface contribute to the Zweena’s success. Visit their official site to know about pricing and other charges levied to obtain services from Zweena.

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