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Personal Health Record (PHR) is a consolidated medical record of an individual containing medical history and personal health information. PHR is generally stored in electronic format for the ease of use and universal availability; while paper based PHR is another low cost but less popular option. Electronic health records are gaining momentum among general public as more and more people are realizing the importance of keeping medical records in one place. The following sections of our website will help you choose a PHR provider

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Keeping your health records one place is very important for several reasons. Your health records are spread out among different healthcare facilities, providers and some information such as your diet habits, hereditary illness will be available with you. When you visit a new healthcare provider or emergency facilities, you will not have access to your medical history unless you have your health information in one central place, available all the time. PHR will keep all your health information in place, so that you and your healthcare provider will have the necessary knowledge before making major health related decisions. You will also be able to refer to your previous medication instructions, allergies, vaccinations, prescriptions etc. and save time and money. Some advanced electronic systems will help you keep your insurance claims, doctor’s appointments all in one place.

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