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A record of your health information such as allergies, past medical procedures, prescriptions is already kept at your healthcare provider facilities. This is called medical health record and under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) healthcare providers are mandated to keep such records private and protected. Law also states that the patient will have access to all such medical records and can request for a copy of such record any time. However, your personal health record does not have any legal bindings, so it is your responsibility to keep the information secure, readily available and protected from data loss and theft. It is important to choose an electronic system that will meet your criteria.

There are several PHR systems available – some are free, and others charge a fee. Some are secure, sophisticated and easy to use and some are not. On this website, we help you choose an electronic system. We also provide the reviews of major providers so you can make an educated choice, use the system of your choice, and hopefully come back here to rate the system and help others make a right choice. Refer to AHIMA’s guide to help you choose a PHR.

Here is a list of top Personal Health Record providers.

  1. Google Health by Google – Free online PHR tool. One of the most popular tools. Supports many apps
  2. Microsoft HealthVault and My Health Info – Free tool from Microsoft. Supports more apps than any other PHR platform.
  3. Web MD PHR – WebMD is well known for its vast Medical information online. It is a sophisticated tool that provides proactive monitoring and regular health advice in addition to basic services.
  4. 911 Medical ID – Very small USB device based system that stores your personal health informatin which you can carry everywhere.
  5. Patient Ally – FREE, internet-based, Personal Health Record management system that enables you to manage your medical records and communicate with your healthcare providers. Schedule appointments, order prescription refills, and maintain your health records.
  6. icePHR – Let’s you keep health information securely online and in your wallet so that medical professionals can easily access it.  Integrated with MS Healthvault and costs $9.95 per year per family.
  7. Patient Fusion by Practice Fusion
  8. Koozala – Koozala is an online, 100% secure tool that keeps an accurate, up-to-date family medical history ready when you need it. Koozala saves you the trouble of remembering your entire medical history each time you visit a new doctor or specialist.
  9. GE’s Life Sensor
  10. HealthTrio
  11. NoMoreClipBoard.com
  12. Passport MD
  13. LifeOnKey
  14. FollowMe
  15. MiVia
  16. Patient Gateway

PHR Phone Apps

My HealthIt’s a portable, electronic gateway to the vital information you need to know about your own health – or the health of someone you take care of.

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